Safety and injury prevention is our top responsibility as a roofing contractor. We provide you with the latest safety products and advancements to protect your building, the people inside it and the people around it. Prior to the start of any roofing project, we review all safety plans with our customers and crews.

VAW Safety Education 101

All roofing crews participate in mandatory, written training programs conducted by our safety specialists. Ongoing training and both scheduled and random job-site inspections are routine. Our goal is not only to meet all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards but exceed it.

VAW Safety Education 1012

Monthly safety meetings are held by the Safety Manager with all production and service personnel to review all general and project specific safety issues. Each quarter mandatory Safety Meetings are conducted by the Safety Specialists for all VAW associates to present, discuss and demonstrate a wide range of safety issues common to all VAW employees. Safety Meetings are conducted periodically to address accident trends, potential problems, hazards, and/or the findings of jobsite inspections.

VAW Safety Education 103

Occasionally, subcontractors will perform limited aspects of a roofing project. These subcontractors are required to review, acknowledge and sign-off confirming their understanding and compliance with VAW’s Safety Program before they perform any services.

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